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Women Children & Family Counseling Services, PLLC

Helping People Live Better Lives

As Mental Health Counselors since 2007, we are committed to supporting the well-being of our clients. Together, we explore ways to improve relationships and to achieve your full life’s potential.

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About Us

As Mental Health Clinicians, we strive to use our expertise to create a comfortable and safe environment for transparency, discovery, and healing.

Since the opening of this practice in 2007, we have helped countless people get through stressful challenges by questioning negative thoughts and understanding the source of specific behaviors and emotional patterns.  With the right tools and a better approach to situations, you can move to a better outlook on any issues that life brings your way.  Just give us a call or text to schedule your first appointment.

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“Life’s under no obligation to give us what we expect”

Margaret Mitchell

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704 South Garnett Street

Henderson NC 27536

1511 Peace Street

Durham NC 27701

Phone: 252-395-5158

Fax: 888-965-1168

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