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Due to COVID 19 restrictions and safety guidelines, some of our services are limited to *Telehealth format.  Contact us for availability.

*(Telehealth is virtual, using audio/visual devices.  Telehealth, sometimes called Teletherapy, provides a convenient, affordable means for the residence of North Carolina to receive mental health services from the comfort of their own homes, without having to come into an office.  Research show that it is effective.)

Child and Therapist

Family Therapy

The Attention You Always Deserved

Therapy Session


Give Yourself Another Chance

Supportive Friend

Trauma Therapy

The Process of Healing

Flower Wreath

Grief and Loss Therapy

Strength For a Difficult Time


Substance Abuse Counseling

Returning to a Healthy You

Team Meeting

Group Therapy

You Are Not Alone

Romantic Walk in Sunset

Marriage Counseling

Strengthening Your Relationship

Fall Tokens

Transitional / Adjustment Therapy

Embracing Your Next Chapter

Heart Shaped Waffles

Couples Counseling

Building a Prosperous Future

Let’s work together to better help you manage your life’s journey.

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